Mothers Lament

Why don’t they do what I know, they CAN do?

It is so clear to me:

  • how to they can avoid pitfalls
  • how to they can reach their goals
  • how to accomplish their tasks

Why don’t they do what they say they want to do?pitfalls.jpg

Why does it seem easier to them to disappoint than to work? to try? to challenge? to investigate?

  • where did their curiosity go?
  • where did their sense of duty, of commitment, of honour go?

Is it really easier to not try, than to try?  How do they reconcile their potential greatness with their poor existence?

Why don’t they do what I know they can do?

If Only…

If only they could see themselves as we see them.  With faults yes, but also with possibilities and with seeds of a bright future, limited only by their desire and their ability to work.

Then I wonder what others see when they look at me.  Am I missing not only my faults, but my possibilities?  Am I missing chances and opportunities?  Are there obvious choices that others see but that I do not make?  Are there chores I neglect?  Things that I should do that I don’t even see?

What am I missing?

Who or what suffers because I don’t know?

AND ——> who can tell me?