fight against change

Is it a truism that we will always fight against what is good for us?  Why is it so difficult to learn from the advice of others?  Is this strictly a teenage issue of does this human trait also limit the adoption of new processes and methodologies in the business world?  Does the truism explain the low rate of acceptance and compliance for any new system?

I have observed that even when the best reasons can be trotted out and paraded about, people will always complain about the change and sing the praises of the old system.  Even when and perhaps especially when up to that very moment they complained about how difficult the old system was.

There are two tactics to take in introducing a new system or process.

  1. Do it the new way or else!
  2. Involve the people in the design of the new system.

I believe that the second way is best, however it does take the patient hand of someone with a guiding vision.