Pride leads to pride

Is there any truth to the idea that ones surroundings affects ones piece of mind?  I think so.  A warm comfortable room leads to warm comfortable thoughts.  A clean organized work space feels good to be in and work flows and time passes.

Does personal chaos lead to disorder or does disorder lead to personal chaos?  In my experience they are so closely related it might not even matter which comes first.  Once someone is on a downward spiral of disorder and disaster the slide continues.

It takes heroic action to change.  However I believe that change can begin with something as simple as cleaning a room, doing the dishes, ironing a shirt…. basically in taking pride in ones space, possessions and home.  In fact maybe that is the key to the quandary, PRIDE.  If you have pride in yourself, you take the time for pride in your home, your work and your family.  Without pride how can you car for your space, your home or yourself.

Pride must be built, and it must be built on solid reality.  Build it up one accomplishment at a time.  Do something quantifiable and then take time to congratulate yourself.  Make a list of those things you want to achieve, make a SMART list (Specific, Measurable, achievable, Realistic and Time based) and cross items off as you get them done…. this gives you tangible proof of your achievements.